Friday, 13 February 2015

How to fend Witchcraft in Islam

Many peoples know witchcraft. I, you, we all know from where it is. Witcth, although we know it only one or two peoples who had contact with him. I my self do not know what is he looked like. And i think in Indonesia, witch does not look like Harry Potter, does it?

Even there are witches in a good suit, do not believe?. Believe it!.

In Islam, witch are prohibited. It because of, they assume that God is more then one. They usually bow to Jin and connive with Jin to make other fells hurts. My family ever catched by other's witchcraft. And in this article i will tell you all about it.

Santet and how it works.

Santet is also a witchcraft but this one is the most dangerous in Indonesia. When a witch send  Santet to you, you will fell burned out or may be your lung feel like being tied tightly by something. In Film Industry, santet was described like people who had problems with other than he come to witch. And the wicth use magic spells to a puppet. My friend told me, "I've ever seen a witchcraft ball burned. It was levitating and went to someone's house". I think it is the spells looked like. After it pacthed with human body, then everything wicth do to the puppet, the human will feel it. In the film, when puppet is being smoked above the furnance, the man feel burned. And when the puppet pinned, the man feel it. We Indonesian believe it.

How to fend Witchcraft in Islam

How do we fend it?

Praying is the best idea. Pray is almost all peoples do when they have problem. In this case, the problem is the wicth. No substance most poweful than Allah. Every problems happened to us, they are all from Allah. What we have to do is praying, so that Allah may bless us and make it easier for us to solve the problem.  He, the only God in the world will get rid all the magic from us.

I believe, some people have abilities that others do not have. That is the sixth sense. A capability that allows to see another world, dreamy future and look back at the past. This man in Islam, is allowed to counteract magic with the permission of God .

Usually these "smart people" will read verses of the holy Qur-an. And with the blessing of God, the power of magic that binds us will be separated. Sometimes he also gives some prays and practices that should be applied in our live. With hope, after doing so we can protect our self from dark magic.

Restore magic to where it comes.

Sometimes, a magician never gave up even though we had to fortify themselves from magic. He could have repeatedly tried to make us suffer. Therefore, the magic that made ​​must be returned to where they from. To do so, we also need the men above. He is believed to be able to restore what is not our right. My family has ever experienced. And I think after that there will be no more disruption of magic. Thanks Allah..

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